About Us - High Quality, Affordable Activewear Singapore

At Ophevia, we want to inspire women of all ages to achieve great courage to live life to the fullest with authenticity. 

Being active in our daily life require a sense of bravery and confidence to be comfortable in our own skin. 

Juggling family & work can be overwhelming but not an excuse to forgo the most important thing of all - Looking After Your Body.

Our mission is to give a sense of fearlessness even when you're at your lowest. Ophevia activewear are designed primarily for comfort, fit & affordability. We believe that nobody needs to burn their pocket on activewear to stay fit. 

Our styles are designed to offer great support whilst being light & breathable. Built for movement, Ophevia Activewear gives you that extra oomph in your practice. 

OPHEVIA - Represents the strong & brave modern women of today who revolutionised work-life balance.